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Pittsburgh Women's Mastermind


Melanie Colusci

Women’s Business Coach,
Consultant & Mastermind Leader

Melanie Colusci is a business coach and consultant in Pittsburgh, PA, who helps women business-owners create and implement the foundation you need to achieve the success you’ve always dreamed of! She is also the leader of the Pittsburgh Women’s Mastermind group.

As a friend and ally to women business-owners, Melanie loves to help you accelerate your path to success. She will help you stay motivated and navigate the journey to becoming and staying a successful entrepreneur!

Pittsburgh Women’s Mastermind

The Pittsburgh Women’s Mastermind is based in Pittsburgh, PA with multiple chapters around town.

The Pittsburgh Women’s Mastermind is where you can meet and get to know like-minded, goal-oriented women entrepreneurs in person or online. It’s where you can access valuable information and resources that can help you take your business to the next level. Here, you collaborate, not compete. Most importantly, you become part of an active community that fosters your personal and professional learning, growth, and success. 

How Pittsburgh Women's Mastermind
Helps You Take Your Business to the Next Level

The journey of building a business is so much easier when you have relationships that provide you with support, encouragement, and experienced guidance. When you join Pittsburgh Women's Mastermind, you are welcomed into an exceptional circle of women who foster business and personal growth through connection, community, and collaboration.

As a member, you will:

  • Engage through monthly live meetings and members-only events and luncheons.
  • Promote your business on the PWM Facebook page and at Mix & Mingle spotlight sessions.
  • Present at video-recorded monthly meetings where you can share your expertise and skills.
  • Interact in the always active and enthusiastic PWM Facebook group.
  • Access exclusive information on the members-only PWM website.
  • Gain new insights through a complimentary assessment of your business.
  • Experience personal growth as you form genuine relationships with like-minded entrepreneurs.

Investest in yourself and your business by joining Pittsburgh Women's Mastermind, and become part of this incredible group of Pittsburgh area women business owners!

Contact Melanie at (412) 977-0231 today to become a member of Pittsburgh Women’s Mastermind

Wondering if is this group for you? Check out this video! Hear how Pittsburgh Women’s Mastermind (PWM) has impacted its members and their businesses.

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